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DungeonFew mortals have ventured into the caverns below the Cornell's sales floor. Most surface dwellers do not even know of its existence. But thousands of millimeters below the surface of the earth, denizens of the Cornell's dungeon toil away in the dust, fighting to stem the constant stream of cartons flowing down the conveyor into their domain.

Dungeon Day and night, a constant battle is fought to keep the tunnels clear of debris... for if the corridors are blocked, the supply lines will become choked, leading to chaos on the surface as the stacks of merchandise dwindle and customers begin to become anxious and unruly.

Dungeon Paint AisleThe dungeon dwellers have learned to fear the late spring and fall... they know that the masters of the dungeon journey to distant markets, collecting treasures and artifacts in enormous quantities. Soon after the masters return, vast armadas, overflowing with the spoils of the journey, descend upon the store... at times the dungeons become so clogged that even breathing becomes dificult.

Beer Bottle Collection
The Cornells Dungeon is home of the Fix/Ryan/Fix Beer Bottle Collection. Pictured is a small portion of the 2000+ bottle collection which occupies the beams in the ceiling of the dungeon.

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